Saturday, October 30, 2004

6 Reasons why George Bush should win

  1. Do it for the kids. Another 10 years of fundamentalist rule in America should be enough for the new generations to wake up and return a secular government. I'd give up some liberties for my children to live in freedom.
  2. Catch up time. Another 10 years of fundamentalist rule would give time for other countries to catch up (look at what the Taliban did to Afganistan) - wake up EU!
  3. Stagger out the chances of outright war with the Moslems. Now that Iran's fundamentalism is coming off the boil, it'll be a great time for Christian America to be around while there's no Satan to fight against.
  4. Its chic to be religious. Hey, even Madonna's on to it.
  5. It will make consistent foreign policy - what's good for America is bad for Middle-East. For the last 20 years, they couldn't have democracy. Now they can't have theocracy.
  6. America is healthy enough for great social experiments. Any other country would have descended into a screaming heap in half the time.


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