Friday, February 04, 2005

Mentally ill Australian held in illegal immigrant detention centre

Today's ABC news reports that an Australian resident has been locked up in Baxter Detention Centre in South Australia for the past 10 months.

Rather than taking a cheap shot at the Department of Immigration, I'm going to take a shot at our legislators. Detaining people who are not a danger to the community on an indefinite basis is bad law. Bad laws lead to bad outcomes. Now that is a natural law.

Cornelia Rau's situation was made worse because she was missing from a psychiatric ward. I can't imagine being held as an illegal migrant did her mental condition any good1.

Unfortunately, voters do not realize how bad the law is since it locks up the 'outsiders', not Australians. Now that an innocent Australian had been effectively jailed, illegally, for 10 months, hopefully people will wake up to the executive's shenanigans.

1Normal people held in migrant detention centres over a long term develop mental illness.


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