Friday, November 04, 2005

Anti-Terrorism Bill 2005 No. , 2005

There's a thread of discussion over at Bruce Schneier's website.

Suprisingly, no one discussed how a legislation like this can be used by a fading political leader to hang on to power. I have seen the effect of routine political sweeps under anti-terror legislation can have political comment in a country. Philip Ruddock said that sedition laws will be reviewed. No one should estimate the ability of a political leader to turn a country into chaos. Witness Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe. Once the food basket of Africa, Zimbabwe now has man-made famine. It is pure hubris if Australian politicians think that this will never happen in Australia. Having these laws in place gives leaders sufficient self-justification that would have otherwise not happen.

On Radio National, an ex-Federal Judge said that the proposed judicial review only ensures that the process was correct, not to ascertain that the person who was detained was in fact the right person, and the person detained is not entitled to know why he was detained, and is therefore unable to mount a defense. These are sweeping powers. If the Department of Immigration can goof up, so can the police.


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