Saturday, May 07, 2005

Woman deported after up to 18 years in Aust. 07/05/2005. ABC News Online

More information about the missing deported Filipino here: her name is Vivian Solon, and the authorities think she might be in Cebu or Tacloban.

This woman lived legally in Australia for 18 years and they deported her. I'm going to buy myself a bracelet. If I get hit by a car and get amnesia, I bet you I'll get deported too, because I don't "look" Australian.


Anonymous milkphish said...

They found her, but the question is, what happens to her now? Her youngest son has been in foster care. How does this family pick up the pieces?

7:29 pm  
Blogger Chui Tey said...

Well, Vivian has picked a really bad time to come back to Australia. People on disability pensions are being coerced back to work, or face pension cuts.

Welcome back to a colder, unkinder Australia.

11:08 am  
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