Sunday, July 15, 2007

Life is Tough When You Can't Tell One Politician from Another - Haneef Part 2

Check out this article in the online paper:
Mr Rudd, who was briefed early yesterday, also praised the AFP for its work in a "complex" case.

I had to read the article twice because I thought they had made an error and quoted the A.G. Phil Ruddock but misattributed it to the opposition leader Kevin Rudd.

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Blogger Illusive Mind said...

As much as it may rankle the left intellectual types (I assume that's people like us), I suspect Rudd is just playing smart politics here. Whilst we may want more from our leaders, I want the opposition to be in power not inspiring.

The government clearly thought they were going to wedge Rudd on this issue, given Andrews' extraordinary 'he can't just say "me too"' comment.

And it's likely Labor could only loose votes not win them by coming out strongly against the government even on something as hateful and bungled as this case. Look how long it took for public support to turn toward David Hicks' plight.

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