Monday, July 04, 2005

Alert waitress saves girl

The US story of how a alert waitress saved an 8-year-old girl from a serial sex offender is so heart warming.

Contrast this with the Morris Inquiry into the Bundaberg Hospital deaths, where a surgeon was (allegedly) linked to at least 8 deaths.

Commissioner: All right. Did you ask Dr Miach about the concerns raised by Nurse Hoffman?
Dr Leck: No.
Commissioner:Why not?
Dr Leck: Because that isn't my role.
Commissioner:I see?
Dr Leck: I mean-----
Commissioner:It doesn't worry you that patients might be dying or that
15-year-old boys might be losing their legs. It's not your role to see whether there might be some truth in these allegations?
Dr Leck: It's the role of the Director of Medical Services in terms of clinical issues. I'm not a clinician.

Thank goodness there are people like Deahn around.


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