Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Hunt for migrant workers

Australia launches another drive for skilled migration, but the problem isn't with the government. It's with the employers.

I personally know of several experienced engineers from overseas who are still looking for work two years on after settling in Australia. Australian employers are extremely wary of overseas talent, and often want people with "Australian" experience. A catch-22 situation for migrants.

The situation is probably the same for all industries other than health, as the government usually employs migrant doctors by imposing severe restrictions on how migrant doctors can practice.

The government could first start a register of unemployed qualified professionals who are already resident in Australia and give these people a break they need to get into the workforce. A buddy system can help. For instance, employers who already have an engineer from say Sri Lanka should look up in the register for more Sri Lankans, and leverage the existing engineer's experience to orientate the new hire.

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