Friday, July 27, 2007

Pressured Haneef Investigator Dies

Quote from news where one of the investigators on the Haneef case dies:
"One of the pressures that I haven't spoken about publicly is that one of the investigators dropped dead in the investigation room Monday last week, so the investigation team has been through a very emotional and stressful time."

If any one has forgotten, during the Tampa yellow invasion scare:
They also show the Government directed defence headquarters to put pressure on the navy to ensure that no one from SIEV 4, the boat at the centre of the ``children overboard'' affair about six weeks later, would ``ever'' be allowed to land on Christmas Island.

How about this event during children overboard affair:
So, once the truth is out on this, I think the concentration ought to be getting the message out to the Australian public as to what a tremendous job these young women and young men are doing for this country under a very great stress

Any one else see a pattern here?

It's the Government who's putting public servants under stress. I think the widow of the dead investigator would have a plausible case to bring against the Government here.

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