Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Skilled Migrants Might Not Get Jobs

In this news, a small business said that he is reluctant to hire because fears of the new hires being "not good".
However, the immigration drive has been greeted with scepticism in some quarters. One of the groups targeted by the immigration drive is to be automotive electricians. But Deylan Barrie, the managing director of Barrie's Auto Electrics and himself an immigrant, agrees there is an urgent shortage of electricians but he says he would be reluctant to hire someone from a government list of approved immigrants.

This restates my previous assertion that potential skilled migrants to Australia should be very careful before selling up and moving to Australia. Employers in Australia are very risk averse because it can get very expensive if new employees do not hit the ground running. Try getting a work visa first, and try to find a job.

I know of a Human Resources specialist from South Africa (who is white, by the way) who is running of all things his own tyre shop here in Australia, after obtaining an Australian IT degree. No lack of qualifications here, just not enough employers who would give new Australians a chance.

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