Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Migration law ruled Rau case

If the authorities believe one is an illegal migrant, but the doctors believe the person is mentally ill, what does the law say?
a) Put the person under migration detention, or
b) Put the person in a mental health clinic

The Townsville Bulletin reports Migration law ruled Rau case:
"IMMIGRATION authorities detained mentally ill Australian Cornelia Rau in solitary confinement for eight weeks, under a detention policy that demands that migration law take priority over doctors' advice."

Why such a ridiculous law? Well, A lot of long-term detainees develop mental illness, and this is the only way the government can keep the damage the government has been doing to other human beings out-of-sight of the general public.


Saturday, May 07, 2005

Woman deported after up to 18 years in Aust. 07/05/2005. ABC News Online

More information about the missing deported Filipino here: her name is Vivian Solon, and the authorities think she might be in Cebu or Tacloban.

This woman lived legally in Australia for 18 years and they deported her. I'm going to buy myself a bracelet. If I get hit by a car and get amnesia, I bet you I'll get deported too, because I don't "look" Australian.

Filipino woman wrongfully deported from Australia still missing

Another sad story. A Filipino woman with mental illness was wrongfully deported from Australia, even though she has residency rights as she was married to an Australian, and has a son here. She had a car accident, and didn't pick her son up from child care. She told the police that she was a sex slave and was deported in mid 2001.

If there are Filipino readers, can you please write to the papers, and see if she can be tracked down and reunited with her family here? She identified herself to the police as Vivian Alvarez, but she is listed as Vivian Wilson in the missing persons register in Australia.